Fun Decks You Have To Try (Hearthstone)

So, Karazhan party has been finished. Medivh is rescued, the uninvited guest, Prince Malchezaar has been expelled from Karazhan and more cards have been added to our collections. That means more experimenting and more funny and ridiculous concede decks.

For those of you who don’t care about rank and for those of you who want to play something cool and refreshing, we are presenting a few decks that you have to try if you haven’t done it already.

Of course, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are doing well with this decks, because some of them are very powerful.

Ramp, Y’Shaarj, Aviana Druid

A deck like this was presented by Hoej on his stream and he was really effective with it.  In this kind of META, people are expecting to see Yogg druids or even beast druids, but if you ramp fast and if you manage to scare your opponent with fancy minions, you’ve already done an amazing job. Watch them tremble while Y’Shaarj appears!


Mill Rogue

Savjz was the player who used to play similar deck to this, except he was running Reno Jackson instead of Violet Illusionist. The one thing is sure, you really need to think a bit with this deck even when you are dream drawing. But, hey, the deck is annoying to your opponent, and you are just imagining his face while you are drawing his cards.

Never forget to use this small equation of calculating health points while you are drawing his or yours cards. Thank you triangular numbers and thank you mr. Gauss, your work is well appreciated.

The formula for the n’th triangular number is n(n+1)/2. That means: if you force your opponent to draw n cards, they will take n(n+1)/2 damage.



Evolve Shaman

We are giving credits to Chakki for this version of the deck. It may seem like the funny one, but it is shaman. It can not be weak even if you want to. What makes this deck confusing for your opponents is the fact that people who expect something other than aggro or midrange Shaman are really rare. So make this deck, be a special snowflake and don’t forget to be as polite as every Shaman or Hunter.


OTK Patron Warrior

This deck is fun and effective if you play it properly. Patrons will be nightmare for zoolocks and aggro decks in general. Also you have a nice way to finish your opponent with calculated combo. SuperJJ was the player who made this decklist popular


Dragon Priest

When Karazhan came out, everyone tried to play ressurect priest, but it seems like dragon Priest is more consistent it can compete with some of the decks. Yea, yea, priest is the dead class, and this is not exactly a FUN deck, but give this deck a try.


Yogg And Load

Eh, Rexxar… We hate it, but we also love it. Is there a better feeling than to pick Hunter and to feel like a wild brute, crushing through the ladder with your ‘call of the skill’. This is a bit different deck and it is worth of playing. Enjoy!



At the end of the day, don’t forget to say: “The light shall burn you” to all smorc shamans, thanks.



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