Forbes reveals: The Highest Paid TV Actors, 2016


Forbes published a list of the highest paid TV actors and we bet you can not guess who is in the top 5. This list of highest paid entertainers, from music to movies to TV, has been released recently and the latest one is illustrating the top TV actors who are earning a few milions by the role.

11. David Duchovny and Michael Weatherly

Earnings: $10 million. Thanks to the new season of X-files, David is on this list
Michael shares the 13th place with David on this list with $10 million earnings. You know him from the NCIS where he played famous Tonny

10.  Kevin Spacey

Earnings: $10,5 million. Of course that Mr. Frank Underwood (House of Cards) would be on this list!

9. Eric Stonestreet

Earnings: $11 million
Earnings: $11 million He had a serious role in HBO’s television political thriller film – Confirmation, where he played Ken Duberstein, also he plays Cameron Tucker in ABC’s Modern Family


8.  Ed O’Neill

Earnings: $11.5 million. Another Modern Family star, Ed played Jay Pritchett in this sitcom

7. Ray Romano, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Nathan Fillion

Earnings: $12 million. Everybody Loves Raymond! But his lead role in HBO’s show Vinyl earned him quite a bit
Jesse’s earnings come from both Modern Family and the Great Way
Castle may be cancelled, but Nathan is still earning $12 million!

6.  Ty Burrell

Earnings: $12,5 million. Looks like it’s an actor’s dream to act in Modern Family

5. Mark Harmon

Earnings: $20 million Thanks to the charming Mark, NCIS was the most-watched scripted drama during 2015-16 TV season.

4. Kunal Nayyar

Earnings: $22 million Kunal, a.k.a. Raj Koothrappali is part of the most paid TV show crew

3. Simon Helberg

Earnings: 22.5 million. If you thought that people who star in Modern Family have nice earnings, wait to see these ‘nerdy’ guys from The Big Bang Theory

2. Johnny Galecki

Earnings: $24 million. Well, it is not hard to guess who is the No1 on this Forbes list, but mister Galecki is in the second place. Basically, he’s earning $1 million per episode as salary for playing Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory.

1. Jim Parsons

Earnings: 25,5 million. For the second time in a row, Jimmy Parsons is the most paid TV actor and it’s not a secret that many people watch The Big Bang Theory show only because of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons)

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