Final Fantasy XIV Update 3.4 “Soul Surrender” Preliminary Patch Notes Released By Square Enix


Preliminary patch notes for the next big Final Fantasy XIV, Soul Surrender (3.4)  have been released by Square Enix. Lots of new playable content is included also there are some battle system adjustments, new items and much more.

Alongside new main scenario quests, new Chronicles of a New Era quests, new Grand Company quests, and new side story quests have been added. The location of certain NPCs in the Moogle beast tribe quest “From Lax to Max” has been adjusted as well.

Apartments are now available in all three residential districts, with the developer adding:

The interior, flooring, and ceiling lights of apartments can be customized in the same way as estate halls.

Under Battle System, the limit break action has been adjusted alongside some PvP actions and help text for certain actions, traits, and status effects.

The time required to switch PvP presets has been reduced. Furthermore, the progress that displayed when switching presets has been removed.

Auto-attack will continue to damage targets in melee range regardless of the direction the player is facing.

Functionality of the setting “Automatically face target when using action” under Control Settings in the Character Configuration interface has been adjusted.

The full patch notes go into extensive detail on each of these aspects alongside showing off new items so make sure to head over to the source link below for more. You can also check out a preview in the video above.

Final Fantasy XIV: Soul Surrender will be out on September 27.
source : FFXIV



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