PlayStation VR’s First Trophies List Is Revealed and Live

PlayStation VR represents a whole new way to play but, for trophy hunters, it also means a whole new set of digital awards to unlock. The first of those trophy lists has now been revealed.

Wayward Sky, the upcoming VR adventure from Uber Entertainment has had its set of trophies posted live at The game has nine trophies : 5 Bronze, 2 Silver, and 2 Gold, each of which adds a varying amount of points to a player’s PlayStation Network ID and level. The list is complete with icons and descriptions, which appear exactly as they do with standard trophies. They’re mostly story-based rewards, so they’re listed below with an obvious spoiler warning but they aren’t really that hard to complete.

Sadly, there are no platinum trophies yet.

Technically these aren’t the first PlayStation VR trophies to go live; this summer’s surreal platformer, Bound, is due to get a free VR patch and you might have already picked up some of its gold and silver rewards. Maybe there will be some trophies added to the VR support as well. Wayward Sky‘s awards are the first trophies for a VR-only game, however. It looks like that the shape of trophies will stay the same for VR but let’s wait and see.

Earlier this month Oculus added support for achievements for games on both the Oculus Rift and Gear VR, while HTC Vive users can get Steam Achievements for VR games on Valve’s storefront. We do think that both headsets are missing a trick with what they could be doing for awards systems.



Wayward Sky itself casts you as a young girl named Bess that crash lands on a floating island fortress with her father, who gets kidnapped shortly after that. You have to set about saving him by exploring the island in both third and first person, watching the action from up high when moving Bess and then stepping into her shoes and using the PlayStation Move motion controllers when it comes to solving puzzles and watching some of the game’s major events unfold. The graphics are awesome and we can’t wait to see it launch alongside PlayStation VR on October 13th.


Windjammer’s Landing (Bronze) – Enter Ikarus

Zaddie’s Warehouse (Bronze) – Repair Zaddie

Hubert’s Gardens (Bronze) – Get caught by Windjammer

Merc’s Machineroom (Bronze) – Release Merc from captivity

Thaddeus’s Tower (Gold) – Defeat Thaddeus

Fowl Play (Bronze) – Play fetch with a chicken

In Tune (Silver) – Assemble all windchimes

Automata Hero (Silver) – Score 100 points on the arcade machine

Good Looking Out (Gold) – Collect all Automata capsule figures


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