Weekly Indie Game Review – Ultimate Solid

Fresh As F#ck continues to support the Indie game community with another weekly review. This week we bring you Ultimate Solid.

The game has a simple premise – Pick up every yellow orb with the hexagonal object and get to the exit point. But picking up these yellow glowing orbs isn’t an easy task. The game has simple, yet precise physics and “hitboxes”. The fact that you don’t control another round object makes getting the objective done much more unique than any other similar game.
The first level serves as a tutorial. You aim with your mouse and set the power of the toss, then release. The second level was a tad boring as well. Had me thinking that the game had no relevant “danger” which I should avoid, that it would just be tossing the ball around as many times as I wanted to get the objectives done. However, the third level revealed a simple obstacle – Spikes and it had required a considerable amount of precision compared to the previous two levels.

Level four, appropriately named – The unwelcome chandelier – expanded on the spiky floors and made the top of the stage covered in spikes – Meaning you can’t just max out your throwing gauge anymore without any consequences. Level five combined the two to make a far greater challenge!

The point is – The game has a steady learning curve and introduces you to new obstacles in a way that doesn’t make you think of it as unfair while it also hones your skill and precision when throwing the ball, which are required to beat the other five levels of the demo.

All in all – Ultimate Solid is a great indie game, and while the idea isn’t wholly unique, the experience was. After playing through the demo, I found myself wanting more. More challenges to overcome, more masterfully crafted levels and different obstacles to avoid. Definitely a game worth playing! We give this amazing game a SOLID 7.5/10.

We had a word with the game creator Toby R. and asked him a couple of questions.

How long did it take to finish the game and how many people worked on its creation?
Ultimate Solid is a child (I like to call my games this way) of two men (Oh. That sounded a bit weird :D) – me and Piotr Daroń, who handmade all levels. The initial idea came up many months ago. Maybe a year from now. We were busy with other things back then, but still, we were discussing and tweaking the concept of Ultimate Solid frequently the whole time since then. So you may say that it started a year ago, but the actual development started somewhere at late July 2016. Currently, US has 200 levels and the game is almost ready to be released. We are still making the final tweaks. So it’s not done yet, but very close.


Your game got Greenlit on steam very fast. Did you expect that kind of feedback from the Steam community?
It is our first PC game and it was our first Greenlight. We had no idea what to expect. We talked to many people and found out that some games wait months and even more than a year to get Greenlit. So we knew that if we won’t get Greenlit fast, then it will take months. After 10 days on Greenlight, we were already sure it will take months. Four days later we received an email that our game got Greenlit! And that was a really big and nice surprise! You can see games getting Greenlit every day and it’s just a normal thing. You see it and you say “Oh nice! Congrats guys!” to your fellow game developers. But when it is about your game – uh – it’s really a deep feeling, a big thing!

What do you see as the best aspects of this game and the main reason people should play it?
There are several reasons that make this game interesting and unique. First of all, unlike the traditional platform games movement is limited to jumping only so the controls are extremely simple. And unlike the traditional arcade games in US it’s not about your reflex but the wise choice. Still, the game itself is pretty hard and requires you to master it. US is a great way to train your precision, tactic, and patience while it’s still a very dynamic game that brings a lot of emotions.
Can we expect more games in the future?
Definitely yes. Making games was our childhood dream which came true. We cannot imagine not making games! At the moment we have around 5 game concepts of which one will be picked as soon as our next game. But for now we are 100% dedicated to finish and polish Ultimate Solid.



You can try the demo by visiting the WEBSITE

And check out Ulitmate Solid on STEAM



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