Spanish Boy Racks Up 100,000-euro Bill, Google Cancels The Charge

MADRID — Google has written off a 100,000-euro ($112,000) bill run up by a 12-year-old Spanish boy who mistakenly believed he was earning money through an advertising account he opened with the internet giant to promote videos of his municipal band.

News reports said the boy from the eastern city of Torrevieja ran up the Google AdWords bill over two months. His mother, Inma Quesada, told the El Pais newspaper that her son, Jose Javier, said he wanted to become a “famous youtuber” but did not realize what he was doing.Instead of AdSense he was using AdWords and the bill was racking up with great speed.

” We have analyzed this case and we haven’t received payment from this particular user. We will proceed to cancel the user’s pending AdWords balance. Many online services, including Google AdWords, have age restrictions policies in place. We know how important it is to keep the family environment safe on the Internet. That’s why parents have our Safety Center available.”

The story came to light when the bank notified his parents that Google was looking to charge the amount to the boy’s account.

Google confirmed Wednesday that it studied the case and had cancelled the bill.



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