The Perfect Solution For CO-OP Gaming Is Called Co-Op FF

Co-Op games are piling up and the list of friends you can play them with is shorter and shorter. Why? Because you suck and they don’t want to play with you! Ha-Ha! No, seriously, it’s either because they don’t have the same game as you do or they just don’t feel like it at the moment.

It’s a pretty bad situation to be in. Some might say 1st world problems even but we finally have a solution! Someone was smart enough to create !! A place where you can find people who are interested in the same games and play those games with them! It’s as simple as it can be, just register on the website and either create a search party or join an existing one. Piece of cake! Now you don’t have to listen to your n00b friends complaining about the things you did wrong, and we both know it’s their fault right? Let a complete stranger do that instead!

Jokes aside, we are so glad that a website like exists and Fresh As F#ck will always support great and innovative ideas like this one! What are you waiting for? Go find a Co-Op partner and have some fun!


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