Did Microtransactions Hit Rock Bottom With Gears of War 4’s “Loot Box” System?

Microtransactions aren’t always a bad thing. They allow you to customize your character, get some minor upgrades so you don’t waste time etc. Some developers hit the right not with them and managed to make a great amount thanks to them. Halo 5 was a great example of that, and there are many well-done F2P games that have done the job right. Gears 4 obviously didn’t.

It’s normal to be ambivalent about cosmetic microtransactions because it doesn’t take away from the game itself. But it looks like we’ve reached a point where it’s gone too far, and Gears 4 is the perfect example. While they are just “cosmetics”, earning them gives a lot of games a sense of progression, which this game lacks entirely.

They have several different loot crates that give you different items and have different RNG odds of giving you something rare. From what the Gears community has gathered, the only crate that gives you a reasonable chance of getting character and weapon skins is the Elite crate, and it cost either 5$ of real money or 3500 “credits”. Keep in mind that an average multiplayer game gives you 75-100 credits. So essentially, you have to play over 35 games, which is around 350 minutes and that adds up to 6 hours. It’s an unacceptable amount of time, and it takes away from the game because you feel no actual progression as you play. The RNG loop that is supposed to keep you playing is basically non-existent once you realize how much you have to play to get the credits to get a loot crate. Maybe people look at them as cosmetics but a sense of progress is what keeps a good multiplayer community alive and if this continues people could stop playing.

If you buy the ultimate edition, which comes with a number of loot crates you will still feel like your customization options are incredibly thin. According to the Gears of War community if you get even one rare skin you should count yourself lucky.

On top of all this, yesterday The Coalition (the games developers) had the balls to proudly announce the option to buy a 100 dollar loot crate package. Many people already spent 100 dollars on the game. This has reached the point where it’s unacceptable, and it’s time developers/publishers realize that they are pushing players over the edge and hurting their own game by doing so. The fact that you could sink 200 dollars into a game and not have the majority of the customization options available is completely insane.

Will the microtransaction trend ever stop or are we all waiting for it to hit rock bottom? We feel that this nonsense can kill an entire series if they get their players annoyed enough. This is just our opinion but we know that we share it with most of you Gears of War fans…


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