PlayStation VR Reviews Show How Ungrateful We Actually Are

It’s been almost 10 days since the Play Station VR was released and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. I remember wondering for hours how would it feel like, would it make you believe that you are actually inside the game, and the answer is a big YES! You can now actually put yourself inside a race car and drive 200 MP/H with an almost exact experience as the real thing. But it looks like some people wanted more…


I can’t speak for the younger generations but being a 90’s kid, from the first time I saw a cartoon on my old TV I was looking for a door behind it. I wanted to hang out with Bugs Bunny so bad that I broke my TV screen while searching for the entrance. It fell on the floor and I got my first beating, and my first revelation. You can’t get inside a TV. That was a dream that could never come true, until now. With the VR technology, I can finally do that and even more.


A day after the release I checked out the gaming community websites and saw some reviews. Honestly, I was expecting people to trip their balls out and just say that it was the best thing they ever saw. But no… I remember this one review that was like “Not bad… 7/10”. Hold your fu#king horses there partner! 7/10? Let me explain why that is wrong in so many ways.


Anything except a perfect 10/10 is unacceptable. 

If you tell me that the PS VR is a 7/10 then you have to be ready to answer this question. Ok, then what’s a 10/10 from your experience? I bet you can’t answer that. Now, before you go out and play a smart ass with your smart ass review you have to use something as an example for perfection, or close to perfection in that area. I’m perfectly fine if you call Paladins an Overwatch clone and vice versa, or say that Fifa is better than Pes for some reasons, or that Drive Club is better than NFS but please, what are you comparing the VR experience to? Real life? Really?

I don’t know if you get the point here but in order to rate something, you have to compare it with something similar. Find some flaws and say “Yeah, it has this feature but this other device did it better”. This is something we didn’t have before and if you did have contact with some primitive forms of virtual reality I can bet that it wasn’t even close to the current one. So please stop taking technology for granted.


What a time to be alive!

I hope that in some point of our lives we will realize that we are becoming a bunch of spoiled brats. Just take a look back, some 20 years ago. We had our 8bit and 16bit games and it was the bomb! When Gameboy came out no one was saying “eh, it’s nice, maybe a 7/10…” We were all like “Dude, this is waaaaay better than Tetris!” When we got our first Playstation and experienced the first 3D environment we thought that’s as far as games will go. Then PS2 hit us, after that the unbelievable graphics with PS3 and a wireless controller! Everything was a perfect 10/10 because we didn’t have anything better at the time. Now, do you see a pattern here?? Can you now understand why I’m saying that we are becoming a bunch of spoiled brats? To give you an even better explanation I will let the great Louis CK tell you where did we go wrong.



24 thoughts on “PlayStation VR Reviews Show How Ungrateful We Actually Are

    1. So you’re going to completely discount the expectations people have had for DECADES about what VR could be? After, virtual REALITY is in the name, isn’t it? So yes, it’s not stupid for people to compare it to real life. After all, we’re supposed to be looking through our eyes in this virtual REALITY, right? So, if it doesn’t meet a certain level of acceptance then it’s not silly to be slightly disappointed. It’s a nice start but don’t throw a tantrum because people aren’t as impressed as you are.


  1. I guess if everything is 10/10 then there’s no reason for anyone to compete. PS VR is 10/10. So is Oculus. So is Vive. So why are they different prices? Why wouldn’t you just grab the cheapest of them? They’re all 10/10, no improvements can be made at current, so feel free to not patch the software if there are any bugs. It’s 10/10. It’s perfect and amazing. Don’t make newer models either because it’s already amazing as is.

    I’m sure glad all the airplanes we ride in today are still made of wood, and are incapable of carrying hundreds of people. I’m sure glad my cellphone is still a break that can only make phone calls. In fact, even the Virtual Boy is an AMAZING VR experience. Thank you everyone for accepting everything as amazing, and not thinking AHEAD to seeing how things can be improved.
    It’s not about taking technology for granted, it’s about letting the developers how their product can be made better.


    1. Agree 100%. I personally don’t know how VR can be considered perfect if it’s framerates are subpar and people are getting headaches and nausea from it. I think it is just a fad anyhow…everyone will be back on their TV’s and monitors in a year or too I believe and will look back on it like the big 3D fad from a few years ago.


      1. The framerates aren’t subpar, they are running at 90 or 120fps, so that’s not why people are getting sick. I think they are getting sick because it’s such an odd feeling to be put into a game thinking you are racing in a car going 120mph, or on a roller coaster, etc but not actually getting the physical feeling of movement you would in real life so it’s jarring.


  2. while I agree that psvr is awsome and completely amazing and somthing to be marvelled at I don’t agree with your statement that you need to compare stuff to rate it, I actually believe the complete opposite. 1ou should always avoid comparisons when judging stuff. eg at university the person marking your paper doesn’t say this guys was the best a+ second best a etc in Olympic judged sports they don’t compare one athlete to another. the correct way to rate somthing is to start at a perfect 10 (or whatever) then deduct points for mistakes or flaws etc. every paper starts as an a+ no references drop marks etc. every gymnast 10, bad landing lose marks.
    psvr 10 out of 10 some imperfections loses marks.


    1. No, the perfect way to rate something is to start it at a 0 and give it points when it does something good. Thinking that everything starts perfect is backwards.


  3. I disagree with the author…of the reviews I’ve seen, the vast majority have been overwhelmingly positive, and very fair in what the system struggles with, and what it does well. Many reviews have even been glowing, saying that they prefer the psvr to either the Rift or the Vive, sighting the lower cost of entry, the comfortability and usability of the headset being better, even mentioning a framerate advantage and a better and larger lineup of games at launch and in development for the psvr. If we’re being honest, I think most would agree the psvr is getting better reviews than many expected it too, especially considering the price point.


  4. Haven’t read the review, or your article content TBH. I reckon 7 is generous. These VR gimmicks have been around years, and not a single good game has been released yet. It’s because we don’t have the tech yet. It’s a long, long way off.


  5. Yeah I think most the comments here got this article straightened out.
    It’s great the journo got his personalised dream come true. VR can be great.
    But the fact that PSVR fundamentally may actually not work as a VR device in many ways is why its not 10/10.
    VR is meaningful only if the software is there, and currently barely a full fledged game to be had. That’s not proper VR
    VR should give players sensation of living in a virtual world. Hand motion and head tracking limits forcing players to break out of their ‘Matrix’ boundaries isn’t the concept of VR.

    If we use all gaming in general as a benchmark, current VR falls so far behind. It currently (articulate CURRENTLY) isn’t an extension in play, it’s a limitation. So many genres can’t be done on it well, so many playstyles (mouse n keys RTS?) can’t be done on it. Visual fidelity is lower than average, cost of the added head units is expensive compared to traditional gaming that requires computer and no more. No one knows if gaming can be done at length on VR unlike traditional gaming where ppl can go for hours on end. Current VR has almost no option of local multi play and so on…..

    PSVR (and VR in general) are great gaming concepts but this journo got caught up in his own dream. Enjoy as you please , but its not 10/10


  6. “Then PS2 hit us, after that the unbelievable graphics with PS3 and a wireless controller! Everything was a perfect 10/10 because we didn’t have anything better at the time.”

    That’s not what happened. In fact, the PS3 line-up had its fair share of criticism. Nearly half of the games launched were just sports titles and they weren’t getting 10/10s.

    Just because something is new doesn’t mean it deserves a 10/10.


  7. You don’t need a comparison in this instance. We have a concept of what a high end game should look like. Now a nice game in 2d at 1080p may serve some as a benchmark for the visual fidelity or gameplay experience that would be expected of VR. In which case for some it would be a letdown.


  8. Right now PSVR is the most affordable and reasonable solution for VR gaming. Oculus and Vive are in the realm of enthusiasts with DEEP pockets.
    XBone owners don’t even have any VR solution and likely won’t have an affordable one for the Scorpio.


  9. I’m not sure if everyone understands what’s being said by the author, either that or I’m misunderstanding. We have become so cynical and critical with everything. The author is being a little retro-romantic but I love it! The anticipation and excitement we used to get from reading magazines and the mind blowing experiences we gained from new systems.
    No the PSVR isn’t perfect… literally every product ever realised has been subject to criticism, but lately, it seems to be the rule rather than the exception.
    It’s great to see wonderment and awe in the face regardless of the shortcomings.


  10. I can think of several things that would make it a 10/10.

    1. Price. It’s too expensive. The games are also overpriced for what you get.
    2. Games that more than just glorified tech demo’s. Come back to me when they make a real game for VR.
    3. Not having to strap a box to my head.

    I’m sure their are more, but that’ll do for a start.


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