Killing Floor 2 Will Be Released Completely Uncensored In Germany

When Killing Floor 2 leaves it’s Early Access period on Steam on November 18, 2016, the shooter will be among the currently bloodiest splatter PC games available in Germany – next to games such as DOOM and Shadow Warrior 2.

The USK (rating board) has given Killing Floor 2 it’s 18+ rating, meaning the game may only be sold to adults, but can be advertised and sold normally in stores. The decision wasn’t easy for the ratingboard, as the release was only admitted unanimously by court after a state objected. The predecessor Killing Floor only released in a modified version.

While games with a lot of splatter like DOOM, Fallout 4 or Shadow Warrior 2 also received a rating recently, this is still suprising due to the way violence is potrayed in Killing Floor 2.

Things have been getting a lot better in recent years, quite interested wether Dead Rising 4 will also get a rating this time around.

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