Tabata: Final Fantasy XV Will Have Better Graphics On PS4 Pro

Final Fantasy XV will look better on the PlayStation 4 Pro, director Hajime Tabata revealed. Speaking with French website Gameblog , fans were given a small idea of what to expect at launch – including better visuals.

According to Tabata, it wasn’t long ago they came to know the PS4 Pro. As a result, they really didn’t have much time to take on the new hardware and at the moment they haven’t been able to show something satisfying.

Continuing, Tabata says they still have time to work on it and can assure fans a Pro patch will be available when Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29. He says the game will be optimized for the PS Pro console and will look more beautiful.

But what about the version we saw at TGS? “That footage was from a demo made specifically for that event that focused only on graphical improvements. The game itself was not really improved, only the cosmetics.” In the final Pro version, Tabata says there’s even more changes to come and clearly the PS4 Pro version of the game will be better visually.

So basically the team did what they could with the time they had, but the final version will be even better.


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