First Impressions Of Gwent – The Witcher Card Game

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has entered Closed beta on Oct 25th and the lucky ones who were selected in the first wave of invites shared their thoughts with us on Reddit. Everyone agrees that it’s new and refreshing when it comes to competitive card games but there still are some flaws.

Gwent is mostly about bluffing rather than comboing your cards. You want to force your opponent to over commit. Also, matches are much faster, at least most of the time. It will be interesting to see what direction it takes from here. Also, we should expect a single player campaign soon (10 hours of gameplay was promissed by CD Projekt RED). That should satisfy the casual gamers that don’t particularly like the competitive nature of PVP card games and the endless grinding that’s involved to stay ahead in decks / skill.

The Good

  • You can get into new matches after finishing your last one really quickly.
  • The general look of the board, menus and cards (especially the cards) is all nice.
  • Seems generous so far with giving you card packs (or ‘barrels’ in this case).
  • The same Gwent people loved in the Witcher 3, but with more cards with effects attached to them, making things a lot more interesting and strategic than the ‘base’ version of Gwent that existed there.
  • Feels a lot less RNG heavy than similar competitive card games (Hearthstone, being my main example), rarely did I feel like I lost because of a bad initial hand, or won because of the HEART OF THE CARDS favoring me in the between round draws, always felt like it was the strategy of what cards I added to my deck and how I drew my cards that really mattered.

The Iffy

  • I’m not as much a fan of the music as I was hoping I’d be. The Gwent theme in the Witcher 3 was great, the themes in the standalone game are pretty good but just not as catchy.
  • You don’t start out with a ton of cards for each deck initially, you’re pretty much limited to one strategy each faction as a result. Would be in the Bad column, but might be alleviated by generous card pack rewarding.
  • Would like it if the “Spoils of War” reward screen between matches did it’s thing a little faster, but this is an incredibly minor issue.

The Bad

  • The UI doesn’t always register my clicks and other interactions with it, may be ironed out by the end of the Beta, but for now it’s a little frustrating sometimes.
  • Game frequently freezes during the opening logos, again, might be fixed before the Beta ends or in an early patch.
  • The Legendary cards seem a little expensive to craft for how many of them are, compared to the rest of the cards, and of the packs I’ve opened I’ve only gotten one so far. Feels like I’d be able to unlock all the basic cards long before I unlocked even three of these Legendary cards, which I’m not a fan of the idea of.
  • Speaking of that one Legendary I unpacked, it was a Geralt card, which they start you off with one already, and you can’t have two of the same Legendary in the same deck. Either an oversight that might be resolved before the release, or when the game comes out you won’t have that starting Geralt card, not really sure. Still miffed me a little when it happened.


To sum up, it’s a really nice, well polished and fun card game with a few kinks that can and will hopefully be fixed before released.



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