Mafia III is the Fastest Selling Title in 2K History, 4.5 Million shipped in one week.

When the developers of the latest version of the “Mafia” franchise revealed their protagonist last summer, they surprised a lot of people with a very risky decision.

Not only was Hangar 13, the new studio at mega-publisher 2K Games, going to change the franchise by making a “Mafia” game that was not centered around Italian Americans — it decided to make the game’s protagonist a half-black man living in the American South in the 1960s. With a setting like that, there was no way to avoid confronting the character’s race or the broader hot-button topic of racism.

The risk paid off: 2K Games’ parent company, Take Two Interactive, reports earnings Wednesday, confirmed that “Mafia III” is now the fastest-selling title in 2K Games’s history — overtaking other franchise juggernauts such as “NBA 2K,” “Borderlands” and “BioShock.” The game sold and shipped more than 4.5 million copies digitally and to retailers in its first week, the company said.



source : The Washington Post


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